45 products tested and rated.

The UK-made Champion Revolve X-Air MIPS Peaked Helmet has been ranked number one by an American university.

Virginia Tech tested a total of 45 riding helmets in its laboratory. The annual project is sponsored by Jacqueline Mars and various US equestrian bodies.

Champion helmets dominate the 2023 riding helmet rankings by Virginia Tech.

Technicians conduct impact tests before rating helmets using a star evaluation system. Helmets with more stars are said to provide a reduction in concussion risk compared to those with fewer stars.  

Champion has five helmets ranked in the top ten, and took the top four positions. Another British brand, Charles Owen, has two helmets in the top 12. 

Said Ben Hanna, production engineer at Champion Manufacturing: “We’re proud that not only do our helmets meet the different approved standards in the UK, such as PAS 015 or the latest SNELL ratings, but that we’re also leading the field in new testing systems that assess helmets in different ways. 

“We’re sure our customers will be delighted to see Champion’s helmets getting the stamp of approval from another set of rigorous testing.”

See the full 2023 Virginia Tech riding helmet test results here: