Cost saving to pass onto your customers.

Starting today, TopSpec has a 25% off promotion running on TopSpec Cool Feed Balancer.

The money-saving deal runs throughout February and March. 

The offer retail price for a 15kg sack is £21.45, compared with the usual RRP of £28.60.

TopSpec Cool Feed Balancer is a moderately conditioning, non-heating balancer for horses and ponies in light to medium work. 

A safe and effective way to improve condition and topline, without promoting excitable behaviour, it’s ideal to complement grass, hay or haylage.


New and improved products relaunched to meet seasonal demand. 

Stabling horses is likely to cause “a significant shift” in their gut microbiome, warns a leading vet. 

But the good news, according to NAF’s veterinary director Dr Andy Richardson, is that owners are becoming increasingly aware that bringing horses inside challenges their gut health.

NAF has responded to the arrival of winter – when more horses are stabled – with the relaunch of two targeted gut health products.

NAF Five Star GastriAid and NAF Five Star GastriVet are backed by a national advertising campaign to drive consumers into stores. NAF also offers educational marketing support for retailers. 

Gut health

The products are being promoted at a time when owners are more conscious than ever about caring for their horses’ gut health. 

As Dr Richardson explains: “The equine gastrointestinal tract is designed to be trickle fed fibre slowly over a 24-hour period – in other words, the natural grazing habits of wild horses. 

“Domestication of horses has presented a significant challenge to their gut health, not least during the winter period. Horses tend to stabled more with reduced access to grazing. It is difficult to provide ad lib forage when stabled, further adding to the challenge. 

“When we stable horses, we will likely cause a significant shift in their gut microbiome which can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances.

“In my experience, owners are becoming increasingly aware of the need to provide additional support during the winter months. This includes the use of targeted nutritional supplements to balance stomach pH and promote optimal hindgut fibre digestion.”

For gutsy horses

NAF’s new and improved Five Star GastriAid and Five Star GastriVet have been developed by the company’s veterinary and nutrition experts. 

They sit within NAF’s new Gut Health category, designed specifically for gutsy horses. 

Five Star GastriAid is a daily supplement for total gut health.

Five Star GastriVet targets the stomach and is clinically proven to soothe and preserve lining integrity.

Both products contain NAF Five Star BioG, a new and unique synergistic complex that brings together the latest in evidence based nutritional solutions.

Combining live probiotic yeast, prebiotics MOS and FOS and new postbiotic metabolites, Five Star BioG supports total gut health right along the gastrointestinal tract.


Supplier puts sustainable spin on everyday equestrian item.

A jute haynet will be launched by Elico Equestrian at BETA International 2022.  

The robust, rustic-coloured Crofton is biodegradable at the end of its life.

Jute haynets were commonplace on stable yards 40 years ago. Elico brand owner Jenkinsons has revived the idea for a modern market that cares about sustainability.

“Just as jute or cotton bags win out over plastic carriers for shopping, now horse owners can make an environmentally friendly choice about haynets too,” said managing director Keith Ellis.  

“But be warned,” he added. “The Elico Crofton Jute Haynet has a subtle but wonderful earthy smell which may cause some retailers and their customers to reminisce.” 

The Crofton (RRP £15.95) is 40” long with a standard mesh and made entirely from jute, with no plastic, nylon or metal.

Jute is widely considered to be a sustainable crop, grown with minimal use of fertilizers or pesticides. On disposal, it decomposes within one to two years leaving no threat to the earth.

The degradation of jute is accelerated by wet conditions; therefore, these haynets are best suited for long-term indoor use.

BETA International 2022 is at the NAEC Stoneleigh on 11 – 13 September. Find out more at www.beta-int.com


Judges’ decision gives company reason to celebrate. 

An affordable equine therapy device has won a place in an international showcase of top new equestrian products. 

The Massage Mitt Hotspot from Equilibrium Products was one of 30 most innovative products selected by a panel of equestrian, retail and marketing experts at last week’s spoga horse trade fair.

It was given a spot in the ‘boulevard of innovations’ at the show in Cologne, Germany. “The entire spoga horse team congratulates you very warmly on your nomination,” said the event organisers.

The Massage Mitt Hotspot (RRP £135) can be used to relax horses and people. The battery-operated, hand-held device provides heat plus two massage options


Seaver Safefit AirBag

Safety garment comes with app to alert contacts in emergency.

Shaws Equestrian has been appointed distributor of the Seaver Safefit AirBag in the UK and Ireland. 

The lightweight vest - from a young French company - is said to be “particularly sympathetic” to female riders. It comes in five sizes. 

Every purchase comes with a year’s free subscription to the Seaver App, through which two emergency contacts can be registered.  

Should a rider fall off, their mobile phone will alert these contacts with their GPS location.  The Safefit AirBag has an RRP of £449.95.

  • Find out more about the latest safety products in ETN April issue. 


Odyssey helmet

Keenly priced collection has on-trend design options. 

Premier Equine has developed a range of riding helmets. 

It’s the first time the brand, best known for its rugs and horse boots, has branched out into rider safety equipment. 

A core collection of three low-profile, lightweight helmets is available to the trade. Each has an RRP of around £100.

Centauri helmet

The Odyssey, Centauri and Endeavour are kitemarked to PAS 015:2011 and VG1 01-040 2014-12. 

“This is a new market for Premier Equine,” said a spokesman.

“We have extensively researched and tested, with advice of market experts, to develop these helmets to the top safety standards.”

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Offer lasts until the end of April. 

Dodson & Horrell is to offer CushCare Condition and Ultimate Balancer at 25% off for the trade and consumers this spring. 

The products are available to order from 1 March and the promotion lasts until 30 April 2022. 

Both feeds are low in starch and sugar, making them ideal as the grass begins to grow again, says Dodson & Horrell. 

CushCare Condition is high in protein and oil to promote weight gain and maintain muscle, while supporting immune, digestive and joint functions. It’s suitable for equines prone to laminitis.

Ultimate Balancer is a low-calorie source of vitamins and minerals with additional digestive, hoof, recovery, immune and high-quality protein support. 

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Online seminar is free and offers rare chance to ask questions.

Peter Menet, the innovator behind Amerigo saddles, is to host an online seminar for the first time. 

The founder and designer of the famous Italian brand will share his saddling philosophies on Zoom on Friday (18 February) from 1pm to 3pm. 

Peter Menet, the innovator behind Amerigo saddles

Peter will cover the technical principles behind the Amerigo brand across various models, plus key saddle fitting factors. 

New Amerigo products for 2022 will also be presented. 

"This is the first online seminar Amerigo has ever presented," said Simon Middleton, managing director of the brand’s UK distributor Zebra Products. 

"It’s a great opportunity to learn from a world authority on saddles and saddle fitting, as well as getting the heads-up on this year’s new launches."

Anyone who would like to attend the virtual seminar should email Simon@zebraproducts.co.uk There is no cost. Questions can be submitted in advance of the seminar.


“Our customers quite rightly demand transparency and sustainability,” says supplier.

The Golden Paste Company’s High Strength Turmeric Capsules for people have been certified organic by the Soil Association.

The capsules, which are popular with riders, have three organic key ingredients. 

They contain turmeric from Indonesia, piperine (the bioactive in black pepper) and flax oil.

Organic product sales hit a 15-year high in 2020 in the UK, according to the Soil Association which developed the world’s first organic standards in the 1960s.

Today the Soil Association offers organic and sustainable certification schemes across food, farming, catering, beauty, wellbeing, fashion and forestry.  

“Our customers quite rightly demand transparency and sustainability when it comes to the ingredients in supplements, so organic certification for our High Strength Turmeric Capsules was an important step,” said Hattie I’Anson, international and strategic lead at The Golden Paste Company.

Turmeric based horse and dog supplements are also available from The Golden Paste Company. 

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Retail display competition set to promote new product.

A £500 prize bundle is on offer for the best retail display of HorseHage’s new Mollichaff Light Molasses Free feed.

To be in with a chance of winning £250 worth of M&S vouchers plus £250 worth of branded clothing, retailers can take part in the competition by email or via social media.  

To enter, retailers should send HorseHage and Mollichaff a message on Facebook or Instagram, or email them at competitions@horsehage.co.uk for a display pack to get them started.

Stockists will also receive a box of chocolates as a thank you for entering.  

Retailers can enter by posting a picture of their display on their store’s social media and tagging @HorseHageandMollichaff; or by emailing a photograph to competitions@horsehage.co.uk along with a contact name and telephone number.

The competition is open to all UK stockists. Entries close on Monday, 28 February.

Mollichaff Light Molasses Free is made from dried grass, straw, soya oil and flavouring, with added fibre pellets. 

It’s suitable for adding fibre to a horse or pony's diet, whatever their level of work.

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