“Great and good of equestrian world” join the celebrations. 

A Horse & Hound cover from 1949 contrasted with a recent one. The famous title marks its 140th anniversary with a special edition on 6 June

Horse & Hound has its 140th anniversary this year – and is set to mark the occasion with a special edition.

The weekly magazine was launched in 1884 with the strapline: “The best of my fun, I owe it to horse and hound” from George Whyte-Melville’s poem, The Good Grey Mare

The ‘mission statement’ from the 23-year-old editor, Arthur Portman - a racing enthusiast and crack shot who chose the title - was to provide a “reliable journal of sport and agriculture.” 

Horse & Hound celebrates its 140th anniversary with a special anniversary issue on 6 June. 

“The weekly magazine will be packed with features exploring the magazine's heritage and highlighting those horses, riders and moments that have had the biggest impact during that time, both on the industry and our sport,” says editor-in-chief Sarah Jenkins.

“Online, each day in the week leading up to this special issue, horseandhound.co.uk will be celebrating a horse that the public has fallen in love with throughout decades of horse sport - as well as taking a look back in our archive to relive defining moments.” 

Changing times

In Horse & Hound’s 6 June magazine, features will include Pippa Cuckson taking a long look back at the magazine's early years, its survival during World War II despite the offices being bombed and relocated, and the editor Arthur Portman being tragically killed. 

Catherine Austen reviews how horses’ lives have changed since 1884, with improvements in all areas from vet medicine to feed and equipment. 

“We also ask the great and good of the equestrian world to recall their favourite sporting moments in living memory,” adds Sarah.

Horse&Hound is published by Future Publishing Ltd.