Project will enhance understanding and learning, says well-known figure. 

Veterinary students are working with a stable lighting system supplier to investigate how light affects horses’ eating habits and general welfare. 

Jennifer Gilchrist and Izzie Soriano, third year students at the University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine, are using equipment provided by Horselight in their research. 

Vet students are studying the effects of stable lighting on horses’ eating habits and general welfare.

Dr Teresa Hollands, senior lecturer in veterinary nutrition who’s overseeing the project, welcomed the chance for undergraduates to work with commercial companies. 

“We feel sure that the collaboration with industry will enhance [students’] understanding and learning process and provide useful input for their future careers,” she said.

Another well-known equine nutritionist is involved in the study. Lizzie Drury, associate director of equine nutrition at Saracen Horse Feeds, is collecting and recording data for the project. 

HorseLight’s sister company DairyLight has carried out similar research into how lighting can affect cows’ milk yields.

Equine student award

In a further example of the equestrian trade and academia working together, the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) presents an annual Equine Thesis of the Year award for outstanding undergraduate studies from equine-based universities. 

The next round of judging commences this summer with the BETA Equine Thesis of the Year award being presented in the autumn.