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Whatever the economic climate, one thing’s for certain. When people own a horse, they’ll usually sacrifice most other luxuries to keep feeding and caring for it.

In that respect, the equestrian trade is fortunate. Our customers’ passion is our best resource. But what happens when riders give up and owners pass on their horses?

Like all specialist sectors, the equestrian trade needs a constant stream of fresh participants to replace those that fall by the wayside. In an ideal world, we’d be getting a whole new generation of riders into the saddle, although every small step counts…

In fact, it’s often those active-just-retired folks who have the disposable income, freedom and enthusiasm to take up riding afresh. And they are very much among those targeted by the American Horse Council’s Time to Ride program. 

The initiative’s simple message is to connect more people with horses; the hope being that they like what they experience and get hooked.

Of course, making horses accessible is crucial; so all power to those equine facilities that are backing the scheme. Many major suppliers have got behind it too.

Merck Animal Health is one of the more recent sponsors to sign up to Time to Ride. Other companies already on board include Platinum Performance, Purina and Zoetis with additional support from Troxel Helmets and Weaver Leather.

Likewise, many equestrian bodies from the National Reining Horse Association to theAmerican Association of Equine Practitioners are right behind it.

Surely, it’s a no-brainer for retailers to show their support for Time to Ride too?