Subsidised scheme connects stores with local equestrians. 

Retailers can cash in on £100 worth of free publicity thanks to a sponsorship scheme funded by BETA.

BETA Show Sponsorship Vouchers – which promote tack shops to their local horsey communities – are available to all Retail members of the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA).

Retailers receive £100 worth of vouchers to be given away as prizes at local shows or other equestrian fixtures of their choice. 

BETA redeems the vouchers’ value directly to the retailer once they are returned having been spent in-store by the recipient winners. 

“The goals of the scheme are to support and highlight BETA Retail members, to foster networking opportunities, to encourage footfall into retailers’ businesses as well as use of the voucher to purchase goods or services and, we hope, an up-spend from it,” explains BETA field officer Tricia Nassau-Williams. 

As schedules and dates begin to be announced for the new show season, now’s the time to take advantage of the Show Sponsorship Voucher scheme, says BETA’s Tina Hustler. 

And there are no rules when it comes to deciding where to award the vouchers. 

“We’ve had them awarded to the ‘pinkest rider’, for charity rides and lots of different ridden and in-hand classes,” Tina adds.

For more details, contact the BETA office on tel 01937 587062.