Consumers “still waiting for items we ordered online.”

Edgemere Limited – which has a large retail store near Malpas in Cheshire plus an online presence - is in trouble.

The company came under a first Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off from Companies House last week (26 March).  

The store is closed and Edgemere’s website, Facebook page and eBay store are unavailable. 

“Anyone else still waiting on items they have ordered from Edgemere being sent out?” a consumer posted on social media. 

Company could be dissolved

The Gazette notice says that, unless cause is shown to the contrary, the company [Edgemere Limited] will be struck off the register and dissolved not less than two months from the date shown [26 March].

Edgemere Limited is listed on Companies House as ‘accounts overdue’ and ‘active proposal to strike off’ as ETN publishes this. 

Not good news for creditors

A first Gazette notice is considered a warning to interested parties, including creditors, that a company could be dissolved. 

Failure to comply with accounting and filing obligations often triggers a first Gazette notice. The move can be initiated by Companies House or another party can apply for a firm’s forcible closure.

A first Gazette notice is not good news for creditors. Once a compulsory strike off application goes through, a company no longer exists – so suppliers cannot chase it for money they are owed. 

Anyone can challenge a pending company closure within the timeframe specified in the Gazette notice.