Initiative to deliver learning and prizes to horse owners.

The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) launches its spring Feed Fact Fortnight on 1 April.

The campaign, running both on social media and in many BETA member retail outlets, will encourage horse owners to learn about equine nutrition and enter competitions to win prizes from leading feed companies

The fortnight is to focus on obesity in horses and how horse owners can address this from a feeding point of view. Other relevant content will be shared by brands.

“We know, as horse owners ourselves, that the feed space can be quite a challenging one to navigate, and that’s why we believe these Feed Fact Fortnights are so important,” said Claire Williams, executive director of BETA. 

“We all want to do the best for our horses, and part of that is understanding equine nutrition, whether it’s the basic rules of feeding that help to prevent some issues in horses or being able to decipher what the back of a feed bag means. 

“We are lucky to have the support of leading feed brands in the industry, and their willingness to share their knowledge, get involved with Lives where they’ll answer questions in real time, as well as their support through amazing prizes is so appreciated.”

Feed Fact Fortnight can be followed through BETA’s social media channels. A list of participating retailers will be available on the BETA website.

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