A diverse group have their applications approved.

An importer of Walsall-made saddles and a charity working with horses and children are among the latest companies to join the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA).

Applications to join BETA are scrutinised by existing members of the trade association’s Council.

When accepted, new BETA member companies are entitled to use the BETA logo – a sign of a reputable business which is widely recognised by equestrian consumers. 

The following companies were approved for BETA membership at the trade association’s recent Council meeting.

  • Central Saddle Fit, Sutton Coldfield – saddle fitter – Retail member.
  • Equine Resources Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia – saddle fitter importing saddles from Walsall and distributing horse feed – Overseas Retail member.
  • Rural 360, Cheltenham – rural business and sales consultancy – Associate member.
  • Move The Mind Foundation, Holcombe – charity working with horses, animals and children with autism – Equine member.