How the pandemic is resulting in more of what the equestrian trade already does well.

The majority of firms see the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to build back better. 

Carbon reduction, flexible working and local shopping are seen as key to recovery, business leaders at the CBI Annual Conference heard on Monday. 

A CBI/IPSOS MORI poll of 573 businesses has revealed that 

  • Almost seven in ten anticipate increasing activities to ‘support net zero target’.
  • Nearly 60% think ‘people will shop close to where they live’.
  • Most firms predict widespread adoption of hybrid home/office working patterns.

The CBI describes it as “an emerging, positive picture of how businesses will operate following the global pandemic.”

On environmental issues, many equestrian companies have already introduced recyclable packaging. Some are incorporating recycled raw materials into products. 

The ability to shop locally - especially from retailers deemed essential because they sell, feed, bedding and care – is proving invaluable for equestrian consumers experiencing lockdowns. 

And, in an industry where many combine their equestrian interests with business, flexible working comes as second nature. 

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay