Break turns into a fact-finding mission.

Chris Bradwell, the managing director of stable yard equipment manufacturer Stubbs England, likes to holiday off the beaten track. 

Recently, he ventured nearly 700 miles north, to a place where the sun barely dips below the horizon at this time of year. 

Chris Bradwell, of Stubbs England, captures the moment he met a herd of Shetland ponies while on holiday in their native islands.

Chris was on holiday in the Shetland Islands when, while relaxing on a beautiful sunny day, he found himself surrounded by a herd of inquisitive native ponies. 

With his track record of inventiveness – the space-saving Shelfie is his most recent inspiration, Chris says his mind was immediately whirling with ideas for Stubbs’ products for the smaller, wilder equine. 

Nonetheless, for a few precious moments, he sat back to enjoy the unique experience of getting up close to the indigenous Shetland ponies.

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