And pledge to help find a cure.

A corporate law firm’s equine division is to donate 5% of 2024 revenue to Spinal Research UK.

Corporate lawyer and international rider Jodie Seddon writes a regular Legal Digest feature in ETN – and is part of the team at Aria Grace Equine Law.

Aria Grace Equine Law, part of the UK’s only not-for-profit corporate/commercial law firm, also aims to raise the profile of the charity and its work into finding a cure for paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries are “a particular risk for equestrians,” say the lawyers.

“All riders are aware of the danger of spinal cord injuries, but few appreciate how close we are to function-restoring therapeutics being widely available,” adds Jodie Seddon, a corporate lawyer and international rider.

“Supporting charities is a cornerstone of Aria Grace Law CIC, and we hope that by joining forces with Spinal Research UK we can help them to achieve their vision of beating paralysis.”

Injured while hacking

Tara Stewart, chair of Spinal Research UK, sustained a spinal cord injury from a “simple fall” out hacking.

“We all know other riders who have been injured,” she added. “For many years, people like us were told there was no hope of recovery but this year the first function-restoring therapy for chronic spinal injury in history is due to launch and others are waiting in the wings.

“What we need now is the money to place those treatments in the hands of the injured and partnerships like this [between Aria Grace Equine Law and Spinal Research UK] help us achieve that.”

Spinal Research UK’s work encompasses related conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis.