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Saracen Horse Feeds’ nutrition advisors Rachel O’Sullivan and Stephanie George have joined the Association of Nutrition as Registered Nutritionists (Animal).

Rachel and Stephanie, who have worked for the family owned company for more than six years, recently completed masters’ degrees in equine science -  financed by Saracen.

There are fewer than than 30 Registered Nutritionists (Animal) in the UK.

In order to join their ranks, applicants must submit a portfolio demonstrating their nutritional science knowledge, coupled with at least three years’ experience in professional practice.

Areas of knowledge required include nutrient analysis, digestion, absorption, consequences of deficiency, and nutrition in health and disease. Also required is an understanding on how to apply scientific principles of nutrition for the promotion of health and wellbeing.

Michael Bacon, sales and marketing director at Saracen, said: “We’re very proud of all that Rachel and Stephanie have achieved.

“They’re passionate about the wellbeing and health of all Saracen fed horses, their scientific knowledge and practical experience ensures the advice given to our clients is outstanding.” 

Saracen Horse Feeds now has three registered nutritionists in its nutrition team.

Rachel (pictured left) combines giving nutrition advice with working on formulation within the mill and ensuring labelling compliance.

Stephanie (right) also advises via the Saracen helpline as well as being responsible for packaging with a particular interest in sustainability – a subject on which she wrote a feature for ETN September issue.