The presentation is live online tonight. 

The marketing of feeds and supplements is among the topics up for discussion during a free webinar at 7pm this evening. 

The myths and marketing surrounding feeding horses is the topic of a free webinar from World Horse Welfare. 

Presented by independent equine nutritionist Clare Macleod, Equine Nutrition Myths and Marketing is the latest in a series of ‘welfare Wednesday webinars’ from World Horse Welfare.

Clare will be busting many of the commonly-held but often wrong beliefs surrounding feeding horses – or ‘nutribaloney’ as she calls it. 

After her presentation, Clare will be joined by Liz Bulbrook, director of nutrition for Baileys Horse Feeds, to take questions. 

How to view

By registering for the webinars through Zoom, you can take part in various polls and ask questions during the Q&A. REGISTER HERE   

The webinars are free to attend. They can also be viewed as a Facebook Live session. 

Previous webinars in the series have covered subjects as diverse as managing arthritic changes in ridden horses, understanding aggression, training horses, keeping horses fit, weight management, euthanasia, biosecurity, horse mental wellbeing and travelling. 

They are all available to watch on the World Horse Welfare Advice Pages