Well-trialled products are launched tomorrow.

Two new applications to provide everyday care for all types of hooves have joined the PROFEET range from NAF.   

More than five years’ research have gone into the development of Farrier’s Solution and Farrier’s Dressing.

Both products have been trialled by top farriers and their toughest clients. Farriers’ feedback has influenced the new recipes during their development.

The end result – which launches tomorrow (4 June) - is a solution to help enable hooves conquer the threats they encounter daily.

Key to the products’ offering are nourishing and protective agents with fast penetration of natural ingredients. These help with defence against waterborne threats and contact with anaerobic bacteria.  

Also addressed are the encouragement of hoof growth, retention of valuable moisture content and support for the horn’s mechanical strength.   

Farrier’s Solution by PROFEET is a dense liquid hoof application.

It’s packaged in a handy container that sits comfortably in the hand during application.

A natural bristle brush is included for convenience and cleanliness. 

The drip-free solution means there’s no waste in use, adding to the product’s economy factor. 

Farrier’s Solution is ideal to keep in the tack box for everyday use on the yard or away days at shows. The RRP is £14.99 for 500ml. 

Farrier’s Dressing by PROFEET is easy to apply, whatever the weather.  

It comes in a handy bucket container to transport around the stables, and is available in a large size for bigger yards. 

Farrier’s Dressing is ideal to apply daily - to complete the tacking up process, before turnout, while stabled or whenever appropriate.  

RRPs are £12.99 for 900g or £29.99 for 2.5kg.

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Farrier image by Free-Photos from Pixabay