“We’re proud that we can share outcomes as practical advice for horse owners.”

The maker of SPILLERS has been associated with the publication of 28 laminitis-related research papers since the beginning of 2023.

The debilitating disease is also one of the most common reasons consumers contact the SPILLERS Care-Line for advice. 

“So many horse owners live in dread of laminitis,” says Sarah Nelson product manager at Mars Horsecare, home of the SPILLERS brand. 

A vast catalogue of published research from the maker of SPILLERS is helping keep equines safe from laminitis.

“We’re on a mission to increase understanding of the risk factors for laminitis so that we can help reduce cases. 

“We are extremely proud of the magnitude and quality of our research, and the fact that we can share some of the outcomes as practical advice for horse owners.”

The research, in the form of published papers, chapters and abstracts, was conducted in association with the SPILLERS brand, via the WALTHAM Equine Studies Group and their international collaborators. 

Much of it has been presented at equine veterinary internal medicine and laminitis meetings as well as symposia in the UK, Europe and the US during the past 16 months.

Five papers were published in a special endocrinology issue of the Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ). One of these (Predictors of laminitis development in a cohort of non laminitic ponies) won the Peter Rossdale EVJ Open Award last year.

The scope of the work includes research in a variety of areas, from aspects of endocrinology to practical information around water soluble carbohydrate content, strip grazing, nutrient analysis and faecal microbial metabolite profiles.

“The more we understand about the predictors of laminitis risk, the better we will be able to reduce incidences of it,” said Sarah. 

“Rest assured, we will continue with our work until we can find ways to help keep every horse and pony as safe as possible from this dreaded condition.”

References to published papers are available from SPILLERS