Study throws new light on managing horses’ access to grass. 

Strip grazing – for which many owners use portable electric fencing systems - delivers a steadier supply of nutrients than free grazing, a new study has shown.

After rapid spring grass growth has stopped, strip grazing can deliver a steadier nutrient supply to horses than when they have free access to restricted grazing, researchers discovered.

This sheds further light on why strip grazing may be an effective weight management tool, says SPILLERS, the feed brand behind the work.

“This study gives us some important practical, take-home messages regarding weight management and potentially the management of associated disorders such as insulin dysregulation and laminitis,” said Sarah Nelson from Mars Horsecare, home of the SPILLERS brand. 

“Strip grazing in this study prevented rapid weight gains by providing gradual access to fresh pasture of decreasing nutrient value and preventing aggressive selective grazing.” 

Horse-friendly electric fencing is available with mains, solar or battery-powered energisers. Some brands supply handy kits containing fence posts, fencing tape and a power source.