This week sees a celebration of a vital equestrian safety service. 

How often do you hear a rider who’s had a fall thank their lucky stars for the air ambulance?

If you or your business are considering supporting a charity whose work is key to equestrian safety, check out Air Ambulance Week. 

It runs until Sunday, 11 September and is designed to highlight the air ambulances’ life-saving work.  

Recognising that air ambulances often go to riders’ rescue, BETA (the British Equestrian Trade Association) is getting behind Air Ambulance Week via its Summer of Safety campaign.

Air Ambulances UK supports the UK’s 21 air ambulance charities. They receive no day-to-day government funding and depend almost entirely on charitable donations. 

Air ambulances are part of the regional 999 emergency services but are completely separate – and demand for their services has surged post Covid.

Crucially for riders, they can reach remote, otherwise inaccessible places.

“Specialist teams of critical care medics perform life-saving procedures that can mean the difference between life and death, at the scene,” says Simmy Akhtar, Air Ambulances UK’s CEO

To find out more about Air Ambulance Week, which runs until 11 September, visit www.airambulancesuk.org