A little something to help you evaluate your spend.

When they buy a bag of horse feed, owners can easily work out the cost-per-day, writes ETN editor Liz Benwell. 

They know how much they paid, the weight’s on the bag, and they can calculate daily amount fed.

Can you measure the value of advertising you buy in magazines with the same certainty? Do you really know how many copies are produced and circulated? And who is getting to read them?

Well, ETN is coming clean… With every issue, we publish a printer’s certificate confirming the exact number of copies that were printed and distributed the previous month. You can find it on the cover/address sheet in the envelope in which ETN arrives.

Everyone is also welcome to ask us (please call 01937 582111) about any aspect of ETN’s print circulation – how many copies are sent out and to whom.

We’re not talking here about some fuzzy figure including digital platforms and social media. We mean actual printed paper pages - with your advertisement on them - getting into readers’ hands.

Please do ask us… And we hope you will ask the same of other magazines too.

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