Plea to female equestrians to take part in anonymous survey.

Is our industry losing customers – and revenue - to the menopause?

An academic study, launched last week, is asking female riders and lapsed riders how the life-stage has affected how often and how ambitiously they ride. 

The saddle fitter and coach behind the research is urging perimenopausal and menopausal equestrians to take part. It’s free, anonymous and takes ten to 15 minutes to contribute (see link below).

Responses are already pouring in as questions about riding at this time of life resonate with riders, says Steph Bradley. 

“The survey is very new, but it appears the menopause could be affecting many women’s riding enthusiasm and confidence and, therefore, their participation. 

“If they ride less, they spend less, which is an obvious concern for our industry.

“That’s compounded because many of these women are at a stage in life when they have disposable income to spend as they wish – and we’d love for them to continue being equestrian consumers.”

The study is part of a Master’s degree in coaching that Steph is undertaking via the University of Gloucestershire. She is a Level 4 UKCC dressage coach and SMS Master Saddle Fitter. 

“I’m truly grateful to all who take part,” she said. “I hope my survey will make people of all ages and sexes mindful of this potential barrier to what should be an enjoyable, extended riding lifetime.” 

Take part in the study Effects of the perimenopause and menopause on female riders by clicking here