New webinar caters for boom in bits and bitting.

Selecting the best bit for each horse’s mouth is the subject of a new British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) training webinar.

It’s happening next Wednesday (24 February). 

The BETA Lorinery (Bits & Bitting) Course is suitable for retailers, saddle and bridle fitters, equine dental technicians, vets and physios, grooms, coaches and riders. 

“It aims to bring clarity to this detailed subject to help you to advise on and select suitable bitting solutions,” said BETA’s Claire Williams. 

The one-day, classroom-style Webex webinar will cover how equine conformation influences bit choice; assisting riders with purchasing decisions; equine mouth anatomy; different metals and alloys used in bits; and more.  

Speakers are Tricia Nassau-Williams, lorinery consultant and BETA field officer, and Charlotte Warman from Bitting Solutions who runs bitting clinics. 

Course costs (all subject to VAT at 20%) are £50 BETA members, £60 SMS members, £50 BHS accredited professional coaches, £75 non-members.

Booking and more information are available via this link 

Photo by Chris Bair