Retailers can help their customers care…

Anyone looking after horses is just as likely to have mud on their minds as romance and red roses this Valentine’s Day. 

Retailers can pass on advice from NAF to help their customers show the love for their horses’ skin this wet winter. 

Indeed, as the rain keeps falling this winter, the NAF Advice Line is receiving high volumes of mud and wet weather-related calls. 

“Each winter, skin health is very topical, which is why we formulated our Love the SKIN He’s In range that includes everything needed to support horses’ skin from both the inside and outside during these muddy months,” says Griselda Beaumont, NAF brand development manager.

For owners keen to show the love for their horses this Valentine’s Day, the NAF Nutritional Team suggests passing on these wet winter tips to your customers. 

Areas of discomfort witnessed on lower limbs?

Clean the area. Add NaturalintX Equicleanse to water, allow the formula to cleanse, then dry the leg with a clean towel.

Apply a barrier cream to a clean, dry area before turnout to help protect the skin when it’s exposed to wet and mud. NAF recommends Love the SKIN He’s In Mud Gard Barrier Cream which comes in a 1.25kg container – a great size to see customers through these conditions.

Feed targeted antioxidants and immune stimulants. NAF recommends Love the SKIN He’s In Mud Gard Supplement containing naturally sourced antioxidants along with key herbs and nutrients to support strong skin from within.

“It’s all for the love of every horse’s skin this Valentine’s Day,” says Griselda.