Positive laboratory test results could make it “a game changer”.

KBF99 grooming products have been clinically proven to kill 99% of the coronavirus with just four brush strokes.

Now the additive has been incorporated into hand-brushes for use on human skin and surfaces.

The latest testing on KBF99 took place at BluTest laboratory in Glasgow.

“We believe this is a game changer in the fight to help eradicate and protect against this highly contagious and potentially fatal disease,” said Stacy Coates of brand owner Vale Brothers.

She added that KBF99 destroys all enveloped viruses including equine flu, herpes and African horse sickness.

The additive was originally tested at Coventry University and found to kill bacteria and fungus associated with strangles, ringworm and e-coli. Vale Brothers then used it to create a grooming range.

KBF99 works by coating the surface of plastic with molecular strands like tiny spikes. Its nitrogen-rich molecules carry a positive charge – so attract the negatively-charged membranes of bacteria, fungi, algae and mycotoxins.

The spikes rupture the membranes, killing the cells. Then, as the positive and negative charges clash, the cell is blown apart.

As well as grooming tools, Vale Brothers offers a small, soft hand-brush that can be used wet or dry on human skin, or to clean surfaces. It fits into pockets/handbags/shopping bags or car glove compartments ready for use.

Larger brushes and brooms, which work on any surface, are also available.

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