8th November, 2023

Store “adds value” for its customers.

A West Yorkshire feed merchant is switching from “just selling feeds” to offering a more “value added” approach to animal care. 

Wetherby based Discount Feeds has been renamed Joywyns Pet & Country. 

The store, which has been in business for 14 years, was purchased by Jo Sutton in 2019. 

The rebranding includes a new logo, fresh in-store PoS, updated staff uniforms and a new storefront. 

The retailer’s original focus on horse feed has gradually expanded to companion and small-holder animals. 

“We’re always happy to offer advice based on individual circumstances, and not just push the best-sellers or those with the highest mark-up,” says Jo. 

“We know the brands we stock inside-out to provide a personalised approach to feeding customers’ horses and pets.”

Joywyns Pet & Country has a new website too.

A new storefront is part of the re-brand at West Yorkshire based Joywyns Pet & Country.