Making it easy to water horses, wherever they are. 

The Eco Aquaroll is now available from Perry Equestrian which has been appointed sole distributor into the equestrian market.

Made in the UK by F L Hitchman, the Eco Aquaroll makes it easy to transport up to 40 litres of water from a remote tap to a paddock or stable.

It’s already been successful in other markets. Now Eco Aquaroll is available from Perry Equestrian from mid-May, with orders already being taken. 

As Steve Perry of Perry Equestrian points out, the product lends itself well to online sales. 

“The Eco Aquaroll is retail boxed, so stockists can ship them easily,” he said.

“With almost everyone at home and giving more attention than ever to their animals, people can fill the Eco Aquaroll and walk it as far as they need to with minimal effort, even on rough ground. 

“As it’s food safe, they could even have two; one for water and one for feed.”

The Eco Aquaroll container comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The plastic and rubber used to make it are from recycled material; and when the Eco Aquaroll eventually reaches the end of its life, the whole product can be recycled.

Photo by Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash