ETN has the inside story.

The 2021 Royal Windsor Horse Show has moved from its traditional May dates to Thursday to Sunday, 1 - 4 July.

Last year the show - at which the Queen is a regular visitor and competitor - was cancelled due to coronavirus. 

Things look more optimistic for outdoor shows this summer as the UK’s vaccination programme proceeds apace. But organisers and show traders await details on how they will be allowed to operate.

One of those is Royal Windsor’s trade stands manager Pam Swift, who spoke to ETN last week. 

ETN: What’s the situation for trade stands at Royal Windsor on the new dates?

Pam Swift: We plan to have some stands at the event as shopping is important on a number of levels. 

The vast majority of our exhibitors are in professional tented shedding which we build, and we will be ensuring that we maintain the look and feel of Royal Windsor Horse Show. 

We’ve missed seeing our exhibitors. There is a strong exhibitor community at the show; they’re very much colleagues, not competitors, helping each other out and socialising together. So we’re sure they are going to relish being part of the event even more.

Will traders who have already booked stands be automatically transferred to the new dates? 

No; as things were so uncertain last year, we refunded all exhibitors in full for the 2020 show. So we start from fresh again, as we do every year.

Do you anticipate any restriction in types/numbers of trade stands to be accommodated?

At the moment, we don’t know exactly how many exhibitors we are to going to be able to accommodate.  

We expect there to be some restrictions on audience numbers, and the number of stands will be proportionate to the size of audience. 

Is there anything else traders specifically need to know?

It’s always very competitive to get into Royal Windsor, and this year is no exception. 

The first step is to complete the Expression of Interest form on our website, then if suitable, the company is sent an application form and the process starts from there. 

The criteria we use to choose companies include product type and category of product. We also look for an established business with a good website, so buyers can find the company outside of the show. Type and quality of presentation, track record, enthusiasm and passion for their business are other deciding factors.  

How important a part does the shopping play in the success of the show?

Shopping is hugely important part of the Royal Windsor Horse Show experience for visitors and competitors alike.  

We always have a very high standard of shops and presentation; the exhibitors are hand-picked and the content carefully curated to suit. 

Shopping is much more fun face-to-face. Not only do our exhibitors have great products, but they have interesting stories to tell… It’s as much about the customer having that feeling of being connected with someone, rather than just simply spending money with them.