Previously behind-the-scenes player has plans to be “consumer-centric”. 

The Swedish company behind MIPS wants riders to better understand its brain protection system used by several riding helmet manufacturers. 

Stockholm based Mips, as the company is known, has re-classified its range to indicate each product’s intended use more clearly. 

In future, MIPS-equipped helmets will be branded with one of five new product classes, with helmet hangtags provided to inform retailers and shoppers.

The actual products remain the same. Previously, each was marketed under categories such as sports, motor sport and industrial safety – markets in which Mips is active. 

“This more specific approach to defining Mips products will help anyone looking to purchase a helmet to select the one best suited to their needs without compromising safety,” said a company spokesman.

The move to communicate with consumers represents a departure from Mips’ previous business-to-business model. 

As the company’s spokesman added: “The updated product range is another step towards a more consumer-centric brand identity.”

Across all markets, Mips works with 111 helmet brands offering more than 583 models equipped with the MIPS system. MIPS stands for multi-directional impact protection system. 

At Mips’ Stockholm headquarters, 41 people work in research and development, sales, marketing and administration. The company has its own on-site the test lab.