ETN tracks down supplies of this elusive but essential tool. 

There’s a national shortage of pooper-scoopers.

Just last week, several retail buyers told ETN they were having problems sourcing the popular tools used for picking up horses’ droppings. 

But now Red Gorilla has reassured tack shops that supplies are to hand. The tubs and tools specialist even has a 15% discount promotion running on its Big Tidee. 

“Because we manufacture and supply our own Tidees, we have, on the whole, been able to meet demand,” said Katherine Tuckley, equine sales manager at Red Gorilla. 

Katherine attributes the run on stable yard equipment in general – and pooper-scoopers in particular – to owners spending more time with their horses at home during the coronavirus lockdown. 

“June, July and August are normally slower months, but this year has not slowed down at all,” she added. “It’s blown all of our production schedules out of the water - but in a good way.

“All we ask is that customers give us a little more time to process their orders and be patient as we make the Tidees as quickly as we can.”

Red Gorilla’s Tidee range is available as the Traditional Tidee and larger Big Tidee, with a variety of rakes.

Image by Pattadis Walarput from Pixabay