horse eating hay off floor

The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) is launching an assurance scheme designed to help minimise the risk of prohibited substances occurring in all types of equine bedding. 

The BETA NOPS Code for Bedding is being introduced following the success of the BETA NOPS Code for Feed, which has nearly 90 companies in the UK and overseas audited to the scheme.

A three-month consultation period will allow bedding manufacturers to find out more and express their interest in the code, which will bring peace of mind to riders and trainers by ensuring that bedding products are manufactured and packaged in ways that conform to current best practice.

The code, written in response to demand from BETA members, also offers assurance that a bedding company is marketing its products fairly and legally through the auditing of all claims made by code members.

“We are very pleased and proud to have developed this new code,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams. “Now, for the first time, horse owners will be able to buy bedding safe in the knowledge that it has undergone the same degree of scrutiny that their horse’s feed receives.”

Bedding companies interested in joining the scheme can request a copy of the draft code during the three-month consultation period. Auditing will then start in May, with all those signing up and auditing in the initial phase becoming scheme members at an agreed date later this year. 

For further information about the BETA NOPS Code for Bedding, please contact Agy Mossakowska, telephone +44 (0)1937 587062 or email

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash