Total transparency “because our customers care”.

Sweden’s Helena Strömbäck and Robert Kos have had sustainability high on their agenda since they founded Stierna Equestrian Sportswear in 2015. 

And now the clothing label has worked with Almi, a business development organisation owned by the Swedish state, to produce a sustainability report.

Robert Kos and Helena Strömbäck have worked with the Swedish state to record their company’s sustainability credentials

The move means Stierna can be totally transparent about its environmental credentials. 

“Our sustainability report will be on our website in full,” says Robert. 

“We know that our customers care about sustainability, but they do not always have the time, energy or opportunity to take a stand on all the details. So we do it for them.”

Helena Strömbäck is a textile engineer who has worked in product development in the climbing, skiing and golf sectors. She’s also a rider who used her textiles experience to create the Stierna collection.  

The UK is the Swedish brand’s largest market. Stierna sells well in Canada, Japan, Iceland, Australia, and around Europe too.

Fashion guru Vivienne Westwood’s advice to "buy less, choose well, make it last” is Stierna’s mantra. And it happily feeds into Helena and Robert’s commitment to the environment. 

“We constantly strive to become a more sustainable company. We must all realise our limitations, but there is always more you can do,” says Helena. 

“It’s also important to have a plan for the journey ahead and to have the right partners along the way.”