Find out who won annual awards.

The Society of Master Saddlers’ (SMS) annual National Competition was held at Saddlers Hall, the London home of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers, on 6 February. 

More than 150 people gathered for the presentation of prizes by Hugh Taylor, Saddlers’ Company Prime Warden.

SMS President Karen Schlotter began the evening by quoting Pierre de Coubertin, the father of modern Olympic Games: “The most important thing… is not winning but taking part.

“Without all the wonderful entries that didn’t win a prize, we wouldn’t have such an amazing display of creativity and talent,” she added.

Award winners and members of the Saddlers’ Company and Society of Master Saddlers celebrate the annual saddlery competition.

Society of Master Saddlers 2024 Saddlery Competition Results

Most of the prize fund was generously provided by The Worshipful Company of Saddlers with charitable contributions from The Worshipful Company of Coach and Coach Harness Makers, Abbey England, Cribbs Carriage Masters and H Webber. 

Master and Apprentice 

A Headcollar made by the Apprentice and Foal Slip made by the Master.  

First place - Master Saddler Sarah Stevens and her Apprentice Charlotte Cheesman

Premiums: Sarah Stevens, Charlotte Cheesman, Harri Bruce and Gabrielle Mitchley

Trainee Bridlework  

A Snaffle Bridle conforming to Level 2 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification

Sponsored by Abbey England 

First place - Bonnie Dale, Capel Manor College

Second place - Hannah Phair, Capel Manor College

Third place - Hettie Rogers, Capel Manor College

Premiums: Bonnie Dale, Hannah Phair, Hettie Rogers and Tamara Hug.

In-hand Stallion Show Bridle conforming to Level 3 City and Guilds Skills Assessment specification

First place - Regina Mitchell

Second place - Millie James, The King’s Troop RHA

Third place - Harri Bruce, SES Saddlery

Premiums: Regina Mitchell, Millie James and Harri Bruce

A Crupper & Dock 

Sponsored by The Worshipful Company of Coach and Coach Harness Makers

First place - Hettie Rogers, Capel Manor College

Second place - Hannah Phair, Capel Manor College

Third place - Hattie Stevens, Capel Manor College

Fourth place - Bonnie Dale, Capel Manor College

Premiums: Hettie Rogers, Hannah Phair, Hattie Stevens, Bonnie Dale, Millie James, Regina Mitchell and Harri Bruce. 

Trainee Saddle (Rural)

Any type or size of Leather Saddle suitable to meet the criteria of C&G Level 2 or 3 Saddle specification (2nd Prize - Sponsored by Osborne Tools)

First place - Samantha Penfold Garrett, Saddlery Training Centre

Second place - Frances Ridley, Saddlery Training Centre

Third place - Bonnie Dale, Capel Manor College

Intermediate Bridle open to qualified and trainee members only

Hunting Breastplate with Martingale Attachment

First place - Harri Bruce, SES Saddlery

Second place - Charlotte Cheesman, SES Saddlery

Third place - Christie Farren, The King’s Troop RHA

Premiums: Harri Bruce, Charlotte Cheesman, Christie Farren

Special Open Class

A Straight Clincher Link Browband

First place - Joanne Dennison

Second place - Gudrun Thuesen

Third place - Tamara Hug

Fourth place - Katy Warriner

Premiums: Joanne Dennison, Gudrun Thuesen, Tamara Hug and Katy Warriner

Small Business Saddle Makers

Any design of English Astride leather saddle 

First place - Signe Dreyer

Second place - Hattie Crabtree

Third place - Kate Hardt

Premiums: Signe Dreyer

Trade / Company Saddle

Any design of leather English Astride Saddle

First place - Hastilow & Sons

Premiums: Hastilow & Sons, Frank Baines Saddlery

Open Harness

A pair of leather Shaft Tugs

Sponsored by Cribbs Carriage Masters

First place - Catrien Coppens

Second place - Line Hansen

Third place - Carolyn Truss

Premiums: Catrien Coppens, Line Hansen, Carolyn Truss and Katy Warriner

Open Bridle 

A Show Pony Snaffle Bridle

First place - Helen Reader

Second place - Catherine Baker

Third place - Christie Farren

Premiums: Helen Reader, Catherine Baker, Christie Farren and Line Hansen

Open Saddle

Any design of Dressage Saddle

First place - Andrew Hastilow, Hastilow & Sons

Second place - Michael Roper, Frank Baines Saddlery

Third place - Lee Jones, L A Jones Saddlemaker

Premiums: Andrew Hastilow, Michael Roper and Lee Jones and George Jones and Scott Smith of Frank Baines Saddlery

A Side Saddle 

First place - Coralie Chung

Second place - Kate Hardt

Third place - Suzanne Hall

Premium: Coralie Chung

Open Class 

Dog Collar or Harness with Lead

First place - Catrien Coppens

Second place - Frances Roche

Third place - Lucy Ellis

Fourth place - Lisa Hoskins

Premiums: Catrien Coppens, Frances Roche, Lucy Ellis, Lisa Hoskins, Meg Webb, Kirsty Thomson, Corrie King, Amy Biggs, Emily Gunnell, Frances Ridley, Joanne Dennison, Tahia Hunt and Lynsey Ellis

The President’s Choice 

Theme ‘Useful Bright & Beautiful’ Any functional leather item inspired by the natural world.

First place - Lucy Cushley for the Moses Basket

Second place - Godfrey Morris MBE for the Butterfly Clock

Third place - Line Hansen for the Walking Boots

Fourth place - Helen Leedham for the Lamp

Premiums: Lucy Cushley, Godfrey Morris, Line Hansen, Helen Leedham and Catherine Baker who made the Knife Roll, Jeff Barry for his Gun Slip and Claire Davenport for her Book Cover.

Competition Trophies

The Tony Byrne Memorial Trophy for the best Harness entry by an Apprentice or Trainee was awarded to Gabrielle Mitchley for her Shaft Tuggs entered in the open harness class.

The Tony Russell Memorial Trophy for the best harness entry was awarded to Catrien Coppens for her entry in the open harness class.   

The Side Saddle Association Trophy for the best side saddle was awarded to Coralie Chung.  

The Neil McCarraher trophy for the best Trade Saddle was awarded to Hastilow & Sons.

The Ken Lyndon Dykes Perpetual Trophy for the best entry in the President’s Choice class, ‘Useful Bright & Beautiful’ was awarded to Lucy Cushley for the Moses Basket.  

The Alf Batchelor Memorial Trophy for the best bridlework entry was awarded to Helen Reader for her entry in the Open Bridle class, presented by John Batchelor.

The Les Coker Millennium Trophy for best entry by an Apprentice was awarded to Charlotte Cheesman for her entry in the Master and Apprentice Class.

The Bruce Emtage Memorial Plate for Best in Show was awarded to Andrew Hastilow for his saddle entered in the Open Saddle Class.