Money-off vouchers also part of the promotion.

Horslyx is launching its first-ever loyalty scheme for the UK and Ireland. 

The hassle free, fully funded initiative aims to encourage in-store visits and repeat purchases. 

When a customer buys six Horslyx Balancers, they get the seventh product free. The scheme is available on any of the brand’s 5kg or 15kg block-style licks, with no cost to retailers.

To acquire their free Horslyx, customers fill out a card and attach their receipts. There’s a £1 off voucher for one of the purchases as an additional consumer incentive. 

The Horslyx Loyalty Scheme launches on 1st September, 2021 and runs until 31st January, 2023.

Marketing support comes in the shape of point-of-sale packs for retailers, plus promotional print and social media consumer campaigns.  

A total of 20,000 loyalty cards will be available across the UK and Ireland, with the majority available to Horslyx stockists. More details from your account manager.

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