Range and recipes will remain the same.

Dodson & Horrell has announced a merger with animal feed manufacturer HJ Lea Oakes. 

The venture will bring together the equine, poultry and zoo feeds division of Dodson & Horrell Ltd with HJ Lea Oakes from 11 December, 2020. 

ETN asked if Dodson & Horrell had been acquired by HJ Lea Oakes and would operate as a brand under its ownership.

“The parent company is Oakes Millers. Dodson & Horrell will remain a separate company, trading as Dodson & Horrell Ltd,” said CEO Sam Horrell. 

“Our high standards and focus on delivering the best products for our customers and the animals we feed remains; with our range and recipes remaining the same.”

Edward Lea, managing director of HJ Lea Oakes, said in a statement: “We have supplied Dodson & Horrell for many years with important ingredients for their world leading products. 

“Lately we have also been involved in the innovation and manufacture of some of their specialist lines. This feels like the natural next step to combine the very best of both businesses and continue to drive the innovation and nutritional advances our customers demand.”