Uncertain times call for a strong strategy to keep your name in the frame.

Now is the time to harness the skills and expertise of your marketing team, says Ashley Rossiter, managing director of MirrorMePR.

Ashley Rossiter

Keep customers up to date

Make sure your customers stay informed and updated on any changes you are making to the way you run your business. How have you adapted the way you operate your business to keep your staff safe? Your customers will want to know, so tell them.

Don't disappear off your customers’ radar

Your marketing and PR team should have the expertise to navigate this crisis. For most businesses, this means remaining visible to your customers. 

We represent an award-winning restaurant; despite them having to close completely, we have built a solid social media strategy which is keeping them connected with their customers, as well as establishing them as experts within a growing community. Continue to maintain a strong presence in the press and online, but be cautious in your narrative.

Give value

To be relatable to your customers, you should be mindful that purchasing decisions might not be at the forefront of everyone's thoughts, especially on non-essential or luxury items. Be sensitive in your angles and direction of promotion.

Thinking long-term

We are all having to focus on the 'here and now'; but it is vital to look at the long-term implications of your decisions too. How you act and what you decide now can have an impact on your long-term business success and recovery. 

While none of us has ever experienced anything like this crisis before, think about how your business could emerge post Covid-19; the possible outcomes and what those would look like for your current business model. 

These are uncertain times. But by having a strong marketing strategy in place, you are utilising every opportunity to future-proof your brand.

  • Ashley Rossiter of MirrorMePR specialises in premium brands across the lifestyle, pet and equestrian sectors

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