Tom Marquand wears the new snood face covering by Yaris Racing. Photo: Nigel Kirby Photography.

Plans for another snood-style garment to suit all riders. 

A scarf-cum-face covering, made in the UK by Yaris Racing, has been approved by The British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

Face coverings are mandatory for all attendees at UK race meetings under coronavirus restrictions that allow the sport to continue.

Yaris Racing already makes jockeys’ face-masks. Now the Cumbria based company is producing the snoods with input from the BHA and Professional Jockeys’ Association.


As well as covering the nose and mouth, the over-the-head snoods are warm and comfortable for winter wearing.

Jockeys are permitted to pull down their face coverings immediately before and during a race. A snood design quickly converts to a scarf. 

Yaris’s version also prevents grit - kicked up by horses galloping on all-weather tracks - from becoming lodged in the fabric. This is reportedly an issue with some conventional face masks.

“We were happy to help with such a vital piece of kit to help keep the sport running in such difficult times,” said James Todhunter, commercial director at Yaris Racing. 

Yaris snoods, currently only available in black, can be customised with logos. The manufacturer says it’s working on different designs for non-racing, leisure/competition riders.