Fresh formula set to shake up sales.

New Shake Relief from NAF provides nutritional support for horses showing signs of seasonal anxiety. 

Horses may be affected by a number of different seasonal triggers, such as bright sunlight, pollen or wind, resulting in discomfort in the head. 

By improving the diet with targeted nutrition, says NAF, the horse’s natural defences are optimised. 

New Shake Relief provides ingredients for calming support and immune function, alongside MSM for soft tissue comfort, vitamin E and vitamin B12 for targeted neural support, plus magnesium to maintain calm.  

Shake Relief should be fed throughout the peak season to suit each individual horse, and may be increased as and when needed. 

Field trials of 12 horses and owners, run by NAF last summer, show that over 90% of trialists are happy to recommend New Shake Relief for seasonally affected horses. 

The RRP is £49.99 for £1.62kg.

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Top Image by Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay