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Health & Nutrition CPD April 2020

Strong hooves for performance By Griselda Handy BSc(Hons), NAF HOOVES: THE INSIDE STORY We rely on the hooves to play many roles for our horses, including a...

Worming CPD September 2019

Be worm-wise this winter By Wendy Talbot, national equine veterinary manager at Zoetis. During the grazing season from February to October, it’s easy for your customers...

Saddler Fitters CPD June 2019

So you want to be a saddle fitter… Tired of sitting at a desk 9 to 5? Have you always dreamed of working with horses...

Saddlers Fitters CPD December 2018

Small adjustments can make big differences Saddle fitters who read the feature and submit correct answers to the quiz will receive CPD recognition from the...
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