Sunny weather brings sales opportunity.

As good weather and light evenings tempt riders out of the arena, it’s a great time for retailers to stock up on hi-viz products.

Many equestrians have no choice but to ride on the roads. And even when they reach the relative safety of a bridleway, there are always hazards on the horizon.

Hi-viz is just as vital in summer as in winter. ETN recommends that loose dogs are not taken onto the public highway.

Hi-viz gear works because it gives early warning of horses’ presence. It alerts motorists, gives dog walkers a chance to put their pets on leads and can even persuade farmers to pause noisy machinery.

“Hi-viz isn’t just for dull winter days,” says Nicky Fletcher of specialist supplier Equisafety.

“Even on the brightest summer’s day, well placed, well designed hi-viz can help ensure drivers see horses and riders more quickly, giving them every chance to slow down and pass carefully.”

As more riders enjoy hacking out this spring and summer, it’s a clear sales opportunity. And, as Nicky adds, hi-viz needn’t be boring.

“Modern hi-viz is highly fashionable - so that’s more good news for riders and retailers.”

Multi coloured new products

Equisafety’s Multi Coloured Waistcoat in breathable hi-viz mesh fabric is designed for riding out on warmer days.

Matching accessories include an equine ear bonnet and leg boots.  

“We recommend that two pairs of leg boots are worn, one set on the front and one on the back, to help grab drivers’ attention when a horse is moving,” says Nicky.

Equisafety’s Multi Coloured Waistcoat has an RRP of £39.99 with leg boots at £18.99 per pair and the ear bonnet at £14.99.