Equestrian retailer scores an industry first with online innovation.

R&R Country has launched what’s believed to be the equestrian industry’s first virtual fitting room.

Online shoppers input their size and body-shape for the app to create a lifelike avatar. It then recommends sizes for tops, bottoms and outwear.

Customers can ‘try on’ garments – single items or a whole outfit - and see how they would look on them. They can even learn if a piece is tight or loose on a specified part of the body. 

Once the avatar is ‘dressed’, pieces can be swapped to achieve the desired colours and fit. Customers’ sizing is saved across all their devices, ready for their next shop.

“As far as we’re aware, we’re the first in the industry to do this,” said Lauren Barker of R&R Country, which has physical stores in Melton Mowbray and Selby as well as its e-commerce operation.

“We’re already working with several leading brands and are very happy for more to approach us.”

Perfectly timed

The virtual fitting room launched last week. “It’s been perfectly timed,” said Lauren. 

“We do have [in-store] fitting rooms open under government guidance; but people are still cautious. And when they’re working full-time, time off is precious.”

Laura believes that R&R Country’s virtual fitting room will create fresh impetus for clothing sales. 

“Because it’s recommending sizes and how a garment will fit, it’s giving customers confidence to go ahead and make that purchase,” she said. 

“It should also reduce returns massively – and that’s good for all concerned.” 

A consumer’s view

ETN editor Liz Benwell visited R&R Country’s virtual fitting room via the retailer’s website. “Even as a technology dinosaur, I found it easy to use,” she says.

“I like that it’s private; a shopper can ‘try on’ as many outfits as he or she wishes with no-one to judge and no impatient twitching of the changing room curtain. 

“The ability to preview outfits could make shoppers more adventurous – and more likely to add extra items to their baskets.”

Girl vector created by vectorpouch