Design gets “unbelievable” reception.

A Walsall saddle-maker has taken the trend for customised saddles into the realms of Hollywood. 

Asked by a customer to “design me a Barbie saddle,” Adam Ellis Saddles took up the challenge and created a one-off in pink with obligatory sparkles. 

But this is not a toy for a doll’s model pony. It’s a proper dressage saddle built on a spring tree using traditional English saddle-making techniques. 

“The response has been unbelievable for something that started out as a bit of fun,” Adam Ellis told ETN. 

“In particular, it’s been noticed by riders at shows in Florida, USA and in these difficult economic times it’s helped my brand and awareness of what we do.”

Adam is unsure how the dressage authorities might receive a pink saddle. However, he’s certain the hype around this 100% Walsall-made product will do the saddlery town a power of good. 

“I really do like to bang the drum for English saddle-makers and employees within the trade,” he said.