Most popular pre-used labels and product categories named. 

Saddles, saddle pads and breeches are the most sought-after second-hand equestrian items, according to an online marketplace. 

BillyRider, which claims one million users of its buying-and-selling site for the English-speaking world, has analysed which equestrian brands and product categories attracted the strongest interest during 2022.

On average, they say, advertised articles were re-sold in around 23 days. 

Top ten equestrian brands in the second-hand market 2022 were:

1.    Eskadron

2.    Prestige

3.    Kieffer

4.    Wintec

5.    HKM

6.    Passier

7.    Busse

8.    Cavallo

9.    Deuber & Partner

10. Sommer

The top ten categories of equestrian products were:

1.    Dressage saddles

2.    Saddle pads

3.    Jumping saddles

4.    Endurance saddles

5.    Riding boots

6.    Breeches

7.    Horse rugs

8.    Western saddles

9.    Tendon boots

10. Bridles and headcollars